Outdoor LED display

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Mesh LED screen series Ⅱ (full color,indoor application, IP65)


Category:Outdoor LED display

Light Source:LED


item SMD
(3 in 1)
pixel density
Size (mm)
power consumption
P10 3528 10000 480*480 ≥3500 768(Max.)
P12 5050 6945 576*576 ≥5000 634(Max.)

Light weight,Super thin,Transparent,Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors,High refresh rate,Easy to set up and tear down.
■With a design that features excellent lightweight, super thinness and transparency, ivstars's curtain series LED displays do provide a total solution that can meet the demands of rental business, including concerts, movies, TV sets and outdoor events.
■This design can save your time in setting up and tearing down, also labor costs and transportation costs. High quality SMDs technology, and unique hardware can provide fantastic video performance.
■Fully waterproof at the front and rear, these panels are very suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
■This curtain series will become more and more popular in future, and it can be a big help to your business.