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Mesh-structured series Ⅰ (full color,outdoor application,IP65)


Category:Rental LED display

Light Source:LED


item DIP pixel density
Size (mm)
power consumption
P20 346 2500 640*640 ≥3500 768(Max.)
P25 1600 800*800 ≥2240 492(Max.)
P31 1024 600*600 ≥1430 315(Max.)

项目名称:大运会倒计时一周年晚会 rental display ;产品规格:PH10 Indoor full color LED display ;显示面积:288㎡

项目名称:深圳大运大学巡回展览北京航天大学展 rental display ;产品规格:PH7.62 Indoor full color LED display ;显示面积:30㎡

ivstars 2011元宵晚会 规格: P12 面积: 23㎡

Ideally adaptable to demanding applications in which both image quality and weight form are the key performance parameters, specially suitable for enjoying performances within short viewing distances. Light-weighting, 20% high transparency ratio, immediate set-up and dismantle –outdoor mesh-structured solution is also suitable for demanding rental customers who need a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor usage. 
■High brightness up to 3,000 nits, outdoor protection.
■Power and data are simplified to set up and connect through the cables with professional design connectors, so there are not necessary for any tools and equipments
■Each module is only 3.5 kg to facilitate easy installation and transportation ,
■Water-proof front and rear IP65 , up to 140 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angle, enable audiences seated anywhere to enjoy performances
■Unique features of small electronic components, mini receivers are beneficial for light-weighted modules
■Integrated power and signal cable