Outdoor LED display

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Curtain LED display-DIP


Category:Outdoor LED display

Light Source:LED


Model Pixel Pitch Density
Cabinet resolution Cabinet Size (mm) Cabinet Weight (kg) brightness
power consumption
PS16 16mm 3906 32*32 dots 512*512 7.5kg ≥7500cd/m2 1200(Max.)
PS18.75 18.75mm 2845 32*32 dots 600*600 8.5kg ≥6000cd/m2 1352(Max.)
PS20 20mm 2500 32*32 dots 640*640 9.0kg ≥5500cd/m2 768(Max.)
PS25 25mm 1600 32*32 dots 800*800 10.0kg ≥4500cd/m2 600(Max.)
PS31.25 31.25mm 1024 24*24 dots 750*750 9.5kg ≥2800cd/m2 675(Max.)

Strip contructure, Lightweight,Super thin, high transparent, Easy to be installed,saving support steel constructure cost. For outdoor building fixing installation。
■ Strip constructure, easy for repair and replace, less cost in maintance.
■ Lightweight: no more than 30kg/㎡, half weight saved comparing to normal cabinet LED displays, reducing the materials and difficult level of installation. saving cost in support steel structure and safer.
■Strip constructure, high transparent, excellent in heat dispatch, no air condition required, anti-wind.
■High quality DIPs technology, and unique hardware can provide fantastic video performance.
■ Suitable to building installation.