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Curtain LED display-SMD


Category:Rental LED display

Light Source:LED


Model Pixel Pitch density
Cabinet resolution Cabinet Size (mm) Cabinet Weight (kg) brightness
power consumption
3906 32*32 dots 512*512 6.7kg 6500 1200 (Max.)
600 (Avg)
PC18.75 18.75mm 2845 32*32 dots 800*800 7.5kg 4600 900 (Max.)
450 (Avg)
PC20 20mm 2500 32*32 dots 640*640 8.0kg 4000 800 (Max.)
400 (Avg)
PC25 25mm 1600 32*32 dots 600*600 8.0kg 2800 500 (Max.)
250 (Avg)
PC31.25 31.25mm 1024 24*24 dots 750*750 8.5kg 2000 400 (Max.)
200 (Avg)
PC37.5 37.5mm 711 24*24 dots 900*900 9.0kg 1200 250 (Max.)
125 (Avg)
PC40 40mm 625 24*24 dots 960*960 9.5kg 1000 200 (Max.)
100 (Avg)
Key benefit:
Lightweight,Super thin,Transparent,Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors,High refresh rate,Easy to set up and tear down.
■ With a design that features excellent lightweight, super thinness and transparency, ivstars's curtain series LED displays do provide a total solution that can meet the demands of rental business, including concerts, movies, TV sets and outdoor events.
■ This design can save your precious time in setting up and tearing down, also labor costs and transportation costs. High quality SMDs technology, and unique hardware can provide fantastic video performance.
■ Fully waterproof at the front and rear, these screens are very suitable for both outdoor and indoor rental use.
■ This curtain series will become more and more popular in future, and it can be a big help to your business.