Outdoor LED display

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Outdoor LED display


Category:Outdoor LED display

Light Source:LED


Model Pixel Pitch  Density
Driving method
(constant current)
resolution of
Module Size
Power consumption
P10 10mm 10000 1R1G1B 1/4 scan  16*16 160*160 900(Max.) / 350 (Avg)
P12 12mm 6944 1R1G1B 1/4 scan  16*16 192*192 1000 (Max.)/450 (Avg)
P16 16mm 3906 1R1G1B static 16*8 256*128 1000 (Max.)/ 450 (Avg)
P20 20mm 2500 1R1G1B static 16*8 320*160 900 (Max.) /400 (Avg)
P25 25mm 1600 2R1G1B static 8*8 200*200 800 (Max.) /400 (Avg)
P31.25 31.25mm 1024 2R1G1B static 8*8 250*250 700 (Max.)/ 300 (Avg)
Key benefit:
Stable performance,wide applicability, high brightness, high protection grade,superb performance/price ratio.
■The cabinets, featuring great moisture and corrosion proofing, enable themselves to work in all weather conditions.
■High brightness enables longer viewing distance and ensures the spectators far from the screen can still enjoy what is shown, even under direct sunlight.
■Superb performance/price ratio offers you both top notch quality and reasonable price, maximizing the value of your investment.