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Touch screen inquiry machine


Category:Touch Inquiry Machine

Light Source:LED

Features:Developed and produced by ivstars Optical-electronic , with multipoint touch, touch screen inquiry machine, also named touch query one machine or self-service information kiosk, is sold and well welcomed by users home and abroad.


Developed and produced by ivstars Optical-electronic, the touch screen inquiry machine is a professional touch query one machine, overthrowing past industry application on appearance, inner structure and functional design, and bringing brand-new experience in touch operation. It adopts LG IPS LCD panel and LED backlight to ensure energy-saving, stability and safety, and adopts free-standing design, convenient to assembly and easy to install. It is widely used used in tax bureau, road transport bureau, law court, procuratorate, electricity bureau, bank, enterprise, hospital, shopping mall, hotel, office building, school, dock, museum and etc.


Attractive appearance: ergonomics integrated design, slim and modern appearance, high-temperature baking coating and excellent craft;
High safety: anticorrosive wearable spraying technique used in baking finish, anti-explosion and scratch-resistant screen, hardware encryption and steel structure body.
Simple maintenance: free-standing design adoption, convenient to assembly, easy maintenance, stable performance, unique ventilation system for keeping temperature coherence of inside and outside engine body, stable, reliable and lowest failure rate.