84inches All-in-one touch screen

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ivstars 84-inch touch one machine


Category:84inches All-in-one touch screen

Light Source:LED

Features:ivstars electrified education doctor integrates functions of LED TV, tablet PC, stereo, projector and interactive whiteboard, presenting bright spots of LED backlight, ultra-thinness and lightness, ultra-low power consumption, ultra-low radiation and no thermal disturbance and etc.

ivstars 84-inch ultra-high definition audio-visual education doctor, brings together ivstars's top scientific research, and promotes innovation of combining oversize ultra-high definition display, flexible touch experience with perfect cloud interaction platforms, to create 84-inch ultra-high definition audio-visual education for dual uses-commercial and education. It incorporates the industry's most elite technology in the display , equipped with infrared multipoint technology on the touch modules.

The products make up that there is no 84 inches in audio-visual equipment industry no 84, while its big size and Super HD improves multi point touch user experience and product competition through cloud interaction, specially meeting requirements of more products functions, higher quality, better user experience, commercial, education, many field applications and etc, can be used in class teaching, and enterprise training, office meetings, exhibition show, news broadcast, drawings or design programme review and etc.

The world's first cloud platform: cloud platform is based on principles of cloud computing, cloud server for back-office data processing and resources integration, implementing applications of the cloud, cloud services, cloud applications cloud browsing, cloud searching and etc., providing users with personalized needs scalable platform.

Treasure of resources: resource sharing platform for classes, students and teachers, free to share new things via televisions, mobile phones and computers, upload favorite pictures, videos, music and other files. Your teacher, classmates, colleagues can view and review the content at the same time

Health campaign: champion ping-pong, MI ya yoga, home aerobics, happy ping-pong, All around the world game, dancing beats and etc.; Health monitoring: fat, weight, blood pressure, vision, color blindness, mental, environmental health monitoring: PM2.5, humidity, expert health guidance ... ...


Standard 84-inch ultra HD Image, more real vision
Screen upgrades: hard black IPS screen LED, from LG 8.5 generation cables, more suitable for interactive touch-screen products.
Size upgrades: same distance, larger size; long distance, most clear display. watching pixel by using magnifying glasses.
Definition upgrade: physical resolution of 3840x2160, full HD (FHD) pixels are 1.98 times of high definition (HD) pixels , ultra high definition (UHD) pixel are 4 times full HD (FHD) pixels, exceeding 6.2208 million pixels.