70inches All-in-one touch screen

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70 inches touch query one machine

Model:70 inches

Category:70inches All-in-one touch screen

Light Source:LED

Features:Ultra clear, ultra thin and ultra power efficient; high user experience, three greatest functions, multi-point touch, flexibility and precision. ivstars is the biggest manufacturer of electricity education touch screen in China, its electricity education doctor is chosen by thousands of schools in China

ivstars latest release of electricity education doctor E series- the first global interactive writing screen

Ultra clear: LED backlight, color display no loss, color domain coverage ratio 105%, color soft and no stimulation, no visual fatigue for long time staring;

Ultra thin: The thinnest part is only 44mm, the whole body is lighter 1/3 than LED display product in the same size, reducing installment requirements of walls, and saving space.

Super energy-saving: LED backlight reduces screen’s power consumption by its optimized circuit design with advanced technology, it becomes the most energy-saving products in the field Multipoint touch user experience
No drive touch solutions

When touch communication line and intelligent touch port connecting to computer, no installing driver, no positioning and alignment, it can easily realize multitouch.


Multi-touch, flexible and accurate
  70E91FM infrared two technical points were picked up, combined with special algorithms, managed to steer clear of the infrared scan of physical block in the blind spot, not only to resolve problems such as double cross jumper and but also realized the effect of double-point written, writing smooth touch and boasts a double point. With the perfect combination of WINDOW7, it implements a variety of gestures recognition, instinctive, natural scale, rotate, drag, stretch, and operations such as annotation, more brisk and smooth touch and etc. It conducts multiplayer game and takes touch experience to a whole new level, fully reflecting the unique charm of the human-computer interaction.
Second, The electronic whiteboard interactive performance
Products can achieve large size whiteboard display, while it is superior on the display definition and interactive teaching.
Third, class entertainment system with back-office support
1, Online COOL IN HAND: the cool open platform based on network construction, for online viewing, browsing, downloading television resources Internet entertainment solutions, with advantages of more content, updating faster, and high definition. Cool shadows provide a mass of legitimate movie online source.
For schools'needs of regular cultural, aesthetic education and patriotism red education, it provides film and television resources.
2, Online KTV, it can provide a unique new modes of teaching for the teacher's classroom instruction on one hand, on the other hand you can also enrich the students ' recess entertainment life. (Class-the talent show, the Red song contest)
CooCaa KU disk with internal memory of 3,000 songs, while CooCaa, open website with massive music resources, updating 50 songs every week.

ivstars audio-visual Dr resource platform
1. the central resource library
* Advantages integration, excellent quality
Strengthening wisdom of teaching specialists, technical experts and teachers, independent research, avoid homogenization of resources, products with industry-oriented and teaching authority.
* Close integration with new curriculum and new teaching materials
System uses "pedagogical knowledge" and "theme" to organize resources and supports different versions of materials used. Resource highlights three-goal overall design, developing capabilities required to adapt to the times. It helps teachers improve their teaching ability and adapt to the new curriculum.
Teaching material version: Ren jiao, Su Jiao, Beijing Normal University and East China Normal University, and National Taiwan Normal University, Zhejiang teach, Hebei people and etc. 11 kinds of new editions.

* Complete content
Resource covering knowledge points of 18 discipline of each chapter of all 12 grades.
2.MMT software
In line with the development trend of modern multimedia teaching, ivstars pay huge premiums for developing a MMT multimedia teaching software , the software is based on the authority of the State textbook, converting a static book into FLASH animation situational teaching mode. Screen is vivid, conducive to classroom education and after-school tutoring.
Three advantages
First, the picture quality
1. x ultra Crystal panels-exceptional image quality
Equipped with optical transmission technology UV2A-"Ultraviolet-induced multi-domain Vertical Alignment" and precision control the deflection direction of liquid crystal molecules, it effectively improve the utilization ratio of the light and liquid crystal aperture ratio, making more light through the LCD panels, having a higher peak brightness, making white clearer and brighter. While "UV2A" technology can accurately control the light through, effectively suppressing backlight light leakage phenomenon, making black deeper and stronger. Moreover, perfectly combined with LED backlight technology, it can show more perfect image, and achieves the purpose of energy saving.
2. Magic-six base color technology
ivstars specific color fill technologies, broke years of Tri-phosphor Imaging principle, adding blue, Indigo, violet, reproducing perfect color, restoring the color of nature,and more importantly reflecting hommization differences.
3. LED backlight technology
70E91FM uses the most sophisticated LED backlight design, full HD 1080P, show no loss of color, color gamut coverage as high as 105%, gentle colors, no stimulation, even no visual fatigue for a long time watch. While rendering beautiful highlights, it also protects teachers and students eyesight.
Second, Health and environmental protection, electricity and energy saving
Low standby power, equipment integration low energy consumption, power saving
Low lead, low mercury, radiation-free, clear eyeshield
LED backlight
LED backlighting can independently adjust the brightness and the opening and closing, more energy, no visual fatigue even for a long time watch.
Health screen
Developed specifically for ivstars's unique teaching screen technology , screen depends on the ambient light and play content to automatically adjust screen brightness. Energy saving of up to 50%, more energy than ordinary LCD, soft light and no glaring.

Third, the sound quality
Adopting high-end audio configuration, 70E91FM can create an amazing virtual surround sound experience by two speakers or headphones .
1, DTS Digital Theater System
DTS is "Digital Theatre System" .
Based on high quality multi-track surround sound technology, it has the functions of digital surround audio decoding and 7.1 channels output, smart volume compensation and etc., more in line with the large classroom’s sound needs
2, Suspended sound system
A, the world's first floating sound design: suspended in the TV sound through the filter pad, with plenty vibration space, it is difficult to cause machine vibration
B, suspended audio technology patent number: 02271908.3
C ,the world's first tilting 3 °gold reflection angle: backward transmission of sound waves caused by 3°angle of tilt, forming comparable perfect open sound through overflowing reflection.
Imported customizing speakers: effectively reducing noise, broader music and more smooth sonic wave.
3, crisp vocals
"Super restore" hoisting system of speech intelligibility, so that teachers and students experience more crisp, bright vocals
Particularly suitable for foreign language teaching, meeting the requirements of sound articulation and pronouncing accuracy.
Three humanized design
1. security aspects
Explosion-proof tempered glass: scratch-proof, even if collision, it does not harm the product.
Parental lock: set administrative permissions to prevent students from misoperating machines.
2. additional features: separate listening, turn off LCD Panel and backlight, only playing sound , not only saves energy but also prolongs product life.
Splash screen can be changed: you can select the boot screen information (LOGO) , and display school's name or other text information on the screen at boot time according to the school's request,
3. process design
Light: fire-retardant plastic material used in back cover, it overcomes the shortcomings of the heavy 70-inch LCD touch screen, only weighs 80KG.
Thin: Use of Led backlight LCD, the size of led backlight is smaller than LCD TV CCFL condensation backlight’s , so the wall can reduce outstanding height. By the use of 70E91FM design, it reduces the installation requirements of school wall, not only saves installation space, but also improves security.
Interface design: the TV interface all arranged on the side of the TV, reserving space for stretching hands to plug on wires connection , common use plug interface in the side, the uncommon use plug interface located under the side, designing highly user-friendly, reasonable Interface number, scientific layout.
Thermal: thermal network runs along scientificly, divided into two parts, two sets condensers are arranged close to the heat sink, dissipating heat more easily. Based on aerodynamics this design allows gas to smoothly flow in and out, and gas circulation formed inside the machine removes heat.
Touch module installation design: front and frame separation, the modules are built into the back of front frame. 1, when you need to detect and repair, just take off the front frame. 2, this process will enable the module uneasy to deform in the production process.