55inches All-in-one touch screen

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ivstars 55” – U series LED touch screen


Category:55inches All-in-one touch screen

Light Source:LED

Features:Windows and Android system perfect combination of high efficiency, multi-tasking; any channel can touch switching between accessibility; equipped with a variety of interactive software, campus teaching full coverage!

ivstars LCD touch screen – teaching doctor, a new birth generation.
U series shocked the market, combined hard and soft strong attack!



Three new interactive software point line combination and covering Campus:

Point: ivstars interactive whiteboard software + ivstars Android system

Dual system integration, dual software runs, bringing a new teaching experience.
Exclusive, eye frosted green background + health + Smart soft eye becomes full design, triple protection teachers eyesight. And writing, able to listen and playback, fully grasp the lesson; multimedia material, various disciplines repository, intelligent tool library, into the classroom infinitely more vivid; whiteboard password lock, time saving, smart anti-color, full-motion video manipulation features create multimedia teaching.

Lines: Big screen and small screen Remote mutual control

Efficient, convenient, touch one based on the size of the mobile terminal screen interactive systems, remote wireless operation, synchronization can be realized on the PPT flip and labeling, office documents, photos, video, audio, remote transmission and open, move instruction, wireless synchronization.

Surface: Campus centralized control platform

Unity, co-ordination, management platform based on wireless local area network, a local group on the touch one batch operation, can achieve a unified information dissemination (including scrolling message, rang the bell or emergency audio information), status query, remote channel switching, file transfer, remote Ghost function control and network management features such as clustering.